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How Much to Replace a Bumper?

If you find yourself in a fender bender and need to have your bumper replaced, you may be wondering about bumper repair cost. Usually, a bumper will cost between $880 and $1,390 to replace, depending on the type of vehicle you own and the amount of labor time the repair takes. Front bumper repair costs tend to be different than rear bumper repair costs. Additionally, different auto manufacturers will charge different amounts for bumper parts.

What is a Bumper?

A vehicle’s bumper is a protective part of the automobile that is mounted to both the front and rear ends of the car. Typically crafted from aluminum, plastic, rubber, or steel, the bumper acts as a shock absorber during low-speed collisions. It also aids in reducing more significant damages made to your vehicle. While some types of bumpers are made from foam that acts as a kind of cushion, others have energy absorbers or brackets that serve the same purpose.

Although driving without a bumper will not bring on any penalties, many state and safety authorities consider it illegal to operate a vehicle on a public road without one.

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